Oklahoma County jail welcomes first K-9 officer

Local attorneys Johnson & Biscone sponsor contraband-sniffing dog

Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor is welcoming the newest member of the jail team, a contraband-sniffing German Shepherd named Han. Han and his handler Sgt. Curtis Whittington will be the only K-9 contraband unit within the Oklahoma jail system. Han’s arrival was made possible by a donation from Johnson & Biscone, an Oklahoma City personal injury law firm.

The drug trade behind bars is active but difficult to track down. The new K-9 unit will improve safety for inmates and corrections employees at the Oklahoma County Jail. Han’s role will be instrumental in reducing fights, assaults and overdoses associated with drugs in jails.

A traditional search of a single cell would take two to three officers at least five to 10 minutes. Han can complete this search in 30 seconds with even more accuracy, saving the jail money and manpower.